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The Sentient City
The Smart City
The Hybrid City
The Layered City
The Plugin City
The Tactical City
The Critical City
The Interface City
The Informational City
The Mobile City
The Wiki-City
The Real-Time City
The Living City
The Multimedia City
x The Augmented City: – The design of informational services in a physical context. In augmented reality, additional layers of information are projected on or over physical environments. Thus the domain of digital information is embedded in the physical domain. What is the potential for urban design?

'With AR we install, revise, permeate, simulate, expose, decorate, crack, infest and unmask Public Institutions, Identities and Objects previously held by Elite Purveyors of Public and Artistic Policy in the so-called Physical Real.' – AR Art Manifesto, 2011

The kickoff event is the first phase of an overarching project-series in our annual programming with AR specification (Year of AR). 
1, Introduce the notion of Augmented City, a city space enriched 
with overlaying digitals, (e.g. location-based information, 
pictures, animation, 3D models, videos) with special highlights 
on AR as an art tactic / attitude with international guests,  
pioneering artists and researchers and 
2, We launch the AC–DC artist residency  
( by announcing the names of 
future talents, 
3, Presenting art installations facing AR technology in the house.

▰4 pm AR spotting (Artlocator) guided tour in the city by bike & 
mobile. Meeting point: Madách square.
> Telep > Tesla > Omnivore > Trafó > KIBU

▰ 6 pm presentations & open discussion
6 – 6.15 Sander VEENHOF (NL, artist, Manifest.AR): How to  
know if your world is augmented?
6.15 – 6.30 Lilia HARALAMPIEVA (IT, artist, bepart): Bepart – 
The Public Imagination Movement: Personal 
projects in public spaces via AR
6.30 – 6.45 Anna WESSELY (HU, sociologist, lead researcher 
at KIBU): AR is fun but also more than fun
6.45 – open discussion with the lecturers
moderated by Attila Nemes 

▰ 7pm – party & networking 
dj: Lucia Udvardyova
vj: Csiszár Mátyás