Indoor localization and vehicle tracking is a new area in industry 4.0. Digitalizing processes in the factory enhances efficiency and contributes to a more transparent management of resources. Tracker application serves as an innovative tool for internal logistics, where the traffic of the forklift is in synch with the optimal supply chain. The built-in sensors establish a more effective working environment in the factory.

The main goal of the application is to ergonomically enhance the workflow in the factory by cooperating with the internal hardware infrastructure for localization, while the extracted data can also provide key information for business intelligence, analysis and optimization. The enhancement of the workflow-ergonomics is established by providing a platform for displaying the position of the real-time tracked (tagged) personnel/vehicles/objects within the factory and by flashing the LED lights incorporated in the tagged devices. Both of the processes serve as indicators to identify objects in the field. Business analytics can be achieved by aggregating and exhibiting data such as activity-based heat maps, route history, alarms, etc. Aggregating data was powered by the central industry 4.0 platform, NMSDB developed by T–Systems.