I have given you, ______, neither a determined role, nor your own appearance, nor any prerogative of your own, because this role, this appearance, this prerogative is what you will desire precisely. You will determine your nature yourself, with no imposed barrier, according to your own will, the power✨of which will advise you. You are placed in the middle of the world, because from there you can better distinguish all that there is in the world. I have made you neither celestial nor terrestrial, neither mortal nor immortal, because you yourself, as a free and sovereign artisan1, will shape and sculpt yourself in the form that you will have pre-selected. You could degenerate into something inferior, as are the brutes; you could regenerate yourself, according to your will, into something superior, as are the divine. (Pico della Mirandola, 1486)

1 ARTS: action real-time strategy

Orion City is a superhero-themed game produced by the four-member indie game developer team, Devil Cow Studios. Orion City inventively combines dynamic, entertaining gameplay with strategic thinking known from classic MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games. When the game initializes, players are welcomed to Orion City, a retrofuturist urban setting modeled after the street network of Budapest. A key component of the FPS game is combat heavily drawing on collaboration between the players to defeat the antagonists. A great extent of autonomy is provided both in the open-game structure and by the many customizable features of the character: to pick gender, costume, name, background story, power sets, weaknesses etc. The good/bad intentions of the character is the only feature not predetermined, it progressively unfolds in the game according to actual deeds whether a character proves to be good or evil (e.g. if upon vandalizing a building or attacking a non-player character, the player’s charma inflates). The visual world of the game was greatly influenced by cartoons of the late ‘60s, ‘70s, early ‘80s (Watchmen, X-Men, The Dark Knight) and this era is also mirrored by the huge retro billboards within the game. The game’s analog and digital synth soundtrack is influenced by dub culture and aesthetics.

First demo of Orion City is coming soon on the HTC Vive