In our globalising world, it is getting more and more important to speak foreign languages. However, people have less and less time to learn. Learning words generally requires a lot of effort. Therefore, the young team behind Language Locker is developing an application that helps learning and practising foreign words by and an everyday habit of a smartphone user: by unlocking the lockscreen. 

The user receives a short language task when he unlocks his phone, that way he can practise words all day without even noticing it. The application learns about the user and gives the best possible tasks at the best possible times.
The user can not only learn from premade tasks, but he can also create tasks quickly and easily. Later in the developement, the team would like to use a service that recognises the mood by the user's face. This would also help the application to choose the right time to give tasks to them.
In the first 6 months, the team will be developing the basic functions of the application.