Fungi have properties that can tackle issues in various fields. For example, they can be used as means for environmental remediation, as sustainable material alternatives or waste decomposers.

G.O.M.B.A. is an eco-friendly project by Daniel Parnitzke consisting of an educational platform, a pdf zine and various photo- and video materials.


The educational platform aims to enable non-professionals to start working with fungi. Designers, artists, architects, engineers, farmers, biologists and non-professionals are addressed to build up interest in mycology, sustainable material alternatives, waste recycling or restoring contaminated environments.


In order to reach a broader public, during April Daniel held a series of workshops, teaching participants how to grow mushrooms, either as food source or as a sustainable material from waste. He especially highlighted the properties of fungi-based materials and fungi’s remediative potential.

The workshops peaked in discussions about real applications in contaminated environments, material applications in jewelry design and architecture, or about setting up a mushroom farm.