There is an ongoing debate about the definition of Anime.

The word anime (アニメ) comes from the abbreviated pronunciation of “animation” in Japanese, referring to all kinds of animation.

Outside of Japan however, it is usually meant as animations exclusivelycreated in Japan.

A more inclusive definition could be whether something looks like anime or not. This is problematic, because it’s a highly subjective factor, but by introducing an independent third-party this can be solved as well.

For these borderline cases I’m going to develop an AI that tells from an image, to what extent does it look like anime or cartoon.

I’m utilizing Deep Learning, because it’s very good at recognizing and categorizing images. Using Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) 98.9% accuracy was achieved in telling apart dogs from cats.

I will feed the AI generally acknowledged anime and cartoon images and it will learn the distinct characteristics of each…

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