The seminar is the first public event by Robert K. Logan in Hungary. The media theorist and former colleague of Marshall McLuhan will focus on their research projects summarized in their seminal books 'The Alphabet Effect' (1986) and 'The Future of the Library' (2015). Logan will deliver critical insights on how media ecology evolved in the 70s and validate whether the predictions from 40 years have already arrived.

After the seminar we will release the latest issue of Index-link featuring Zsófia Bene's interview with Robert K. Logan.

The attendance is free from charge. Logan would like you to read the resume of The Future of the Library before the seminar. Please send an email to and we will forward you the text. 

Robert K. Logan, Professor Emeritus Physics and Fellow of St. Michael’s College, U. of Toronto and Chief Scientists at the sLab at the Ontario College of Art and Design, has a variety of experiences as an academic involved in research in media ecology, complexity theory, information theory, systems biology, environmental science, linguistics, and industrial design. He has published with and collaborated with Marshall McLuhan and continues his McLuhan studies research. 

For more information see his three Web sites:

The event is organized by KiBu and Zsófia Bene – Cultural Industries researcher who is working at the intersections of arts, architecture, and media. Her master's dissertation focuses on the paradigm shift in libraries, especially the heritage of the socialist public library system in Hungary. After conducting a skype interview with Robert K. Logan on future possibilities for libraries, she invited him to give a presentation in Budapest.