RITES is a virtual reality game released in the 2015 Talent Program. The six member collective aka RITES Network is ready to present a new concept piece to be viewed on the 27th October in the Berliner Noize Fabric coworking space.

What is RITES?

RITES is a nontraditional video game (non-game game) that is constructed around modes of exploration offered by the spectacular 3D world rendered real time around the player. The game exploits user-generated videos with low viewer index uploaded on YouTube, this is the pool from which the game engine extracts and remixes fragments from.
From the ’40s on there exist a distinctive trend in film theory that identifies social meaning in mass cultural artifacts – usually through the metaphor of the dream. In this view, the film or now video is a meaningful constellation made up of hidden meanings (from the unconscious) or syndromes waiting to be surfaced and interpreted.

NEW! RITES Network in Berlin

Noize Fabrik is a multi-purpose space dedicated to the Audio & Creative Industries. RITES Network's latest gamified production works along the following concepts of future folk myths – urban mapping – speculative cultural artifacts – value extraction simulation – live gameplay – new age scenarios. 

András Molnár  
Tamás Marquetant
Iván Rohonyi 
Tamás Páll 
Márton Tibor Tóth 
Jelena Viskovic 

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