The EIR method is proven to work perfectly in technological setting however it originates primarily from the era of large enterprises. In corporation with the experts of certain industries KiBu delivers innovative technological solutions for real issues of the chosen industry which are able to create business value through the optimisation of its procedures.
As a result of the synergy of external mentorship and internal technical knowledge the realizing innovation projects represent perfectly the objectives of the innovation lab of T-Systems.

The first collaboration, that started in December in cooperation with Zoltán Illés, the former CEO of Magyar Posta Ltd. reached its key point. After experiencing and recognizing the most crucial issues of packaging logistics a solution has been worked out by the help of our mentor and with that, looking at labour costs, 30% beneficial saving became possible. The installed IoT system through constants tracking of packages enables to reduce time needed for specific tasks and to work much more precisely.

The indoor localization makes the package handling more time efficient and more strictly predictable. The developed concept is basically the real-time local extension of the digital database of the service which, thanks to the indoor tracking system and the joint application running on tablet, is capable of optimising related processes and this way increasing overall efficiency.

With the usage of individual tracking tags on each package the number of errors coming from manual data recording may be cut down significantly and time needed for administration may be also reduced almost three-fold while facilitating training of new employees. When it comes to the personal interaction with customers, the identification of the consignments will be reduced into only one step. After that the location of package in demand will be easily found using the map part of the application and the signing function of the tags.  Time needed for returning packages may be decreased by half considering package-redirecting and additional administration as well. After the success of the collaboration by far it will be continued and in the next months the project may reach its prototype phase. 

Applying technical knowledge for real business issues has great potential in driving innovation. In the longer term, based on the gained positive experiences and obtainable professional knowledge, EIR program is planned to be integrated into the activity and methods of KiBu.