As KiBu we believe that combining different competences, talents and expertiese is not only necessary but also it is that drives us to create the most innovative solutions all the time.
For years we’ve worked with talented freelancers, mentored the participants of our Talent and Lift programs and supported startups from the beginning to become valuable members of the community formed around innovation and technology on national and international level as well.

Now we’ve turned our regular methods upside down and tried out to be mentees.
Since, besides technology business aspects became more emphasized we’ve launched on an experimental basis a methodology well-known from the world of venture capital.
By bringing our own Entrepreneur in Residence program into play the opportunity is given to us to co-create with an expert from a certain industry, our mentor, who enables us to understand the well defined demands of the client, who provides us a deeper understanding of the sector and helps us to unfold the problems.

The first EIR project’s been kicked-off in December which is based on optimizing the daily functions of package logistics. To support and mentor our team we’ve invited Zoltán Illés, the former CEO of Magyar Posta Ltd. and OTP Russia. He made full use of his industrial expertise, managerial competences and the knowledge mastering on INSEAD that’s why he could successfully take action as the champion of the project.

In addition to representing essential growth mindset and agile methods Zoltán actively took part in the daily processes during the intensive months behind us. The unique commercial perspective introduced by our mentor promoted the team to define and reach realistic aims and also supported to overcome the occouring obstacles on the way.

Under the 6 month long period we learnt first hand a lot about the industry then using a well-structured development process we’ve reached from research through user focused design to live demo to the client. Our objective was to develop an innovative and efficient solution which at the end had been validated by the market as we’ve successfully introduced the newly developed system to our client.

After closing up the first EIR project it definitely lived up to its expectations since by the program we’ve been able to consitute an innovation which creates real business value. Thanks to the professional team-work the technologycal solution developed in line with the business concept and this way at the end a very tangible, scaleable and near-to-market solution’d been created. Hereby we would like to say thank you to Zoltán for his support which’s been absolutely essential during our firt EIR project!

Kibu as the innovation lab of T-Systems created a new concept which extend the product portfolio of T-Systems. Moreover the methodology’s been proved to be successful so we will integrate the program into our general methods. According to our assumptions we will open the call for our second round of the Entrepreneur in Residence program in H2.