However in logistics not only transporting goods from A to B means a daily challenge it’s also an issue to monitor and track them.
What about a solution which provides real time data about the exact location of all products whenever needed? Moreover, you don’t have to deal with GPS wires, dying batteries, and in addition, you won’t track the transporting vehicle but individually each part of the cargo.

The new development of Kitchen Budapest in collaboration with T-Systems Hungary and Akkucomp Hungary is the so called Asset Tracking which operates through NB-IoT – narrow band IoT. Using this technology it became possible to insert a mini-transceiver which activates only during movement, directly into the products, pallet or anything that needs to be tracked. This way the transceiver updates hyper-accurate location data into the system while saving a lot of energy so with monthly one relocation its battery is able to hold up even 5 years. Besides these it’s also worth to be emphasized that this automated system works autonomously and demands only occasional maintenance.

It also provides quick answer to the most common custumer services question in logistics „Where’s my order?”. First, we should crack and split this simple question to understand how it is translated in the mind of a logisitc manager:

  • Where is the product/cargo on its way?
  • When did or will it arrive and what’s its state?
  • Will it meet the expectations of the custumer?
  • How do I solve the problems may occour during service?
  • Do all process happen according to the standards of the company?
  • How could I improve the service and develop processes?

According to the research of GEODIS collecting data from 600 experts working in supply chain, the 77% of companies have no or closely no view over the transfer of their goods.

Our new asset tracking solution improves the effectiveness of the supply chain, shortens delivery time, provides real time data about exact location of the goods so this way monitoring products become way more easier. Each and every asset, small or big sized product will be tracked during transitions as well.