What pops up in your mind when you hear „workplace safety”? For most of us it’s special clothing, overall or  protective equipment, but let’s just dive a little deeper into the topic. Are these stuff enough to secure our employees or are there any more sophisticated methods we could apply to ensure nobody gets hurt and feels uncomfortable?

In industrial environment there are several constant risk factors throughout the daily work which we have to be avare of all the time.
Unfortunalety it’s hard but necessary to recognise that traditional tools and precautions are not enough to guarantee 100% protection. Luckily technology means we have solution at hand to exceed regular methods to not ony decrease but to prevent accidents entirely.

Speaking of the area of factories and warehouses vehicles and personnel are the main components of traffic. Despite the precise planning of all movement and security guidelines unintended crossovers still occour and these two factors bump into eachother causing personal injury. Aiming to improve safety and to decrease the risk of casualty we’ve came up with a new solution based on integrating two recently successful projects.

Combining the advantages of Tracker which provides real time indoor localisation and Canary, the alarmdetector mini app developed on smart watch we’ve created a new fork-lift truck detecting system.
By attaching tags onto every vehicle their route and speed are easy to determine. To prevent unintended impact employees receive warning signs through the watch based on real-time location data. When the approaching vehicle gets close enough to the employee the watch starts to vibrate and give visual sign so who’s wearing it can react as fast as it’s possible to dodge out of the way of the forklift.

In collaboration with T-Systems Hungary we will start testing the system at the warehouse of the client soon. After enhancing the pilot based on the observations and feed-backs of the partner the system will be able to support proper working conditions and safety and also help to integrate disabled workers into the processes.