Friday, November 24

Did we go around? The death of the user-generated photo and on Instagrammism

We recommend a new application and book about why you should not make any more photos and what billions of networked image already look like. Continue reading

Thursday, November 23

Mathematics in place of trust – Cryptocurrencies

Computational protocol based on blockchain technology is a double-edged thing. On the one hand it increases individual risk taking while it also has the potential to democratize the financial system. Continue reading

Tuesday, November 14

The (a)politics of social media

Social media started out with the big hope of global interconnectedness and as a means to advocate democratic rights, now the voices demanding its reform are louder than the utopistic ones. Continue reading

Monday, November 13

Do artificial intelligence breath electronic sounds?

Filip Ruisl’s soundtrack for the interactive VR experience, Training 2038 is out on Bandcamp. Continue reading

Tuesday, October 31

What if you could circle the problem?

KiBu’s AR and VR version router Replica won the 2nd prize at HACKIT! Zagreb. Continue reading

Thursday, October 26

Kinect is dead, long live the HoloLens

Kinect started out as a Microsoft consumer product in 2010, now the company shuts down its manufacturing. Continue reading

Friday, October 20

RITES Network in the Berliner Noize Fabrik

RITES is a virtual reality game released in the 2015 Talent Program. The six member collective aka RITES Network is ready to present a new concept piece to be viewed on the 27th October in the Berliner Noize Fabric coworking space. Continue reading

Friday, October 20

John Carmack: Instead of the iPad now I carry the Oculus Go wherever I go

Oculus Connect is one of the seminal events for the VR community organized by Facebook. Its declared goal is to convince a billion user for the cause, namely to „get into VR”. Continue reading

Tuesday, October 17

Fluorescent characters in the acid rain. Interview with Esteban de la Torre, Budapest-based designer about the Blade Runner 2. wearables

Since major part of Blade Runner 2. was shot in Budapest and Korda Stúdió (Etyek), part of the cast and crew was also recruited in town. The interview was recorded with Esteban de la Torre, creative technologist living and working in downtown Budapest. Continue reading

Tuesday, October 10

Will artificial intelligence take our jobs?! Interview from Trafo House of Arts on Klubradio

Now the question whether a person has digital literacy or not or is able to send e-mails shifted towards whether his/her job resist automation or not. Continue reading

Monday, October 9

Virtual 'flash mob' against the Snapchat x Jeff Koons collab

Artists responded to the corporate invasion of public spaces. Continue reading

Monday, October 9

The 2017 Design Award goes to Shoka, the innovative biker accessory

Shoka is the award-winner in Blueprint Category of the national design roundup, a product incubated in KiBu Talent program. Continue reading

Monday, October 2

Interaktív előadások indulnak október közepén BGE hallgatóknak a KiBu-ban 

A T-Systems Magyarország kezdeményezésére október közepétől interaktív bemutatók és előadások indulnak BGE hallgatóknak a KiBu-ban. Continue reading

Friday, July 14

Seminar w/Robert K. Logan

media ecologist (MIT) Continue reading

Thursday, June 22

Training 2038

First release of our latest collaborative project, Training 2038 interactive VR experience at Demo Day 2017/1. at KiBu innovation lab (22nd June) and at Akvárium Klub the day after (between 7 and 11 pm). Continue reading