Event details

Next edition of the regular IoT meetup features the Bosch innovation garage. Invited speakers will introduce the latest products and services of the corporation with more than 125 years of experience in the industry.

More specifically, Akos Csilling will also deliver a talk about:

“In this presentation we concentrate on embedded security testing in the automotive context. We discuss how some of the security concepts apply in the automotive context, review some of the challenges and possible solutions. We present the study of an open-source automotive Linux development kit with publicly available penetration testing tools, as a pilot project to establish security testing and analysis competence. We compare this simple black-box approach to a full-blown white-box expert analysis, and discuss the role of explorative testing in this context.”

The event is organized by IoT Budapest and hosted by the KiBu crew once more. You can also get engaged with their friendly team of developers and startuppers.

RSVP on the following link (meetup.com)