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KiBu presents:
➖Training 2038 – Human Data Collection for Artificial Intelligence
Virtual Reality Experience

Training 2038 is a program designed to edify robots on particular domains that due to automation await deep transformations in the future. As decision-making is increasingly transferred to robots, automated thought disrupts life as we know it: self-driving cars reinvent transport, unmanned arial vehicles reinvent war, chatbots reinvent friendship, algorithmic governance reinvents politics. Training 2038 questions the very foundation of these developments: with no moral conscience, how should an automated decision tree behave? 

AI_am presents:
➖AI_am / presentation

Can machines be creative? Can they inspire us to explore new artistic pathways? These are the main questions of the experimental performance, AI am here, in which human dancers and computer programs interact as equal creative partners. Founded in 2013, AI_am is a unique international collaboration that brings together experts from the fields of dance, cognitive science, graphics and coding. The project investigates the potential of the creative use of AI and its role in our modern society through contemporary dance. In the presentations the creators will demonstrate the current developments of the dance performance AI am here debuting at 10 October at Trafó House of Contemporary Arts, in the frame of smART!-series at CAFe Budapest Contemporary Arts Festival. Visitors will also have the chance to meet the creators.

AI am here – premier