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T–Systems has launched its pioneering NBIoT platform in Hungary for its partners in 2018, available right now in the Budapest area with a future scope of exponential expansion to cover the whole country. Narrow Brand IoT is defined as a new network technology with exceptional indoor penetration running on low cost and energy suiting the needs of a varied scale of application from industry, public sphere and the residential customers.
Due to its disruptive character, the technology points to use cases, where the traditional solutions typically underperformed.
These are:
– Waste management
– Smart meter
– Joint appliances
– Device tracking
What we offer is an NBIoT test version made available to your startup or company (activated SIM cards w 500 kB data traffic, developer community, individual coaching).
The first meetup for the community is held in Kitchen Budapest, the innovation lab of T–Systems Hungary. Feel free to join the event and take part in our journey.
Lineup / Speakers:
Patrik Makrai: Smart Office
To reach the new standards of interconnectedness, we have updated the electric infrastructure of Kitchen Budapest to meet the new demands of a classic "smart office". By setting up sensor hubs with wireless protocol, we enabled to control and command basic functionalities online. A dedicated dashboard exhibits the values of public services and utilities such as luminance, air pollution, noise level, electric supply and kinetic data extracted from the physical space of the office. Via the interface, you can monitor and control these values like switching on and off the heat, light, air conditioner etc, while you can also program intermediate values like dimming the light on a scale. The smart office infrastructure is interlinked with a "home-made" virtual assistant, Stella who is enabled to attend to your wishes via voice command.
Péter Zubay & Sándor Makra: The joint venture of Szent István University and KiBu
for developing an alternative of knowledge-based, modern, precision farming
Peter is pursuing his PhD studies Scientific foundation of herbs cultivation in the context of agroforestry