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The goal of Mapped Reality workshop is to introduce photogrammetry techniques and design approaches, by adapting the relation between virtual and physical environments and by using it in the design development. During the workshop participants will experiment with photogrammetric tools and then analyzing and modifying their outcome; the result will be mapped back in the original environment. 
"Mapped Reality" defines new parameters, enabling different perception of material, size and precision than human vision can achieve. This digital approach generates a new spectrum of how the natural and built environment can be perceived and designed accordingly.

Teaching assistants Viktoria Sandor, Marie Lichtenwagner and Annamaria Dobai gained their specific knowledge in the field of architectural design at the Studio Hani Rashid, at the Studio Greg Lynn and at Studio Zaha Hadid at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. They have always been focusing on the development of innovative design technics and questioning existing design methods. This approach is leading them in the challenging design-development. Their work includes architectural analysis and design on many scales – from urban-, through highrise-, to furniture design. 
Their works have been chosen to be exhibited on various occasions: at the eabiennale in Prague, the university's final exhibition "ESSENCE" and the "MAK" - muesum of applied arts of Vienna. 

− duration of the workshop: 10:00-17:00
− on the 27th of October outcomes will be presented and exhibited
− maximum number of participants: 15 persons divided into groups
−  all teams need to have at least one computer and a smartphone, so please bring your own equipment.

The language of the workshop is English. Participation is free but registration is mandatory.
Registration: annamaria.dobai@gmail.com