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How does it feel to control all the parameters of a space (light, sound, air, movements) electronically online? What if you could also ask your virtual assistant to do it for you? How would it be possible to compose spatial sound kinetically in the 3 dimensions of VR? Would it be more efficient to assemble pieces if you see the guidelines on a digital info layer in front of your eyes? Is it worth to teach an automated script to behave like a human?

On Demo Day you get the chance to try and test all the prototypes born to life during last half year in our innovation lab either by our core team or the Talent and Lift residents.

Projects: eLearn:inga (AI-robotics, Lift), Bloop – Cooperative Realities (VR game, Talent), Training 2038 (VR-ethics), KiBu IoT Smart Office, Sztella (virtual assistant), Tracer (Virtual Reality spatial sound composer), Assembly Praxis (augmented reality, industry 4.0), Atmo Scratch, Atmo, Gear VR escape room (János Neumann Secondary School), Smart Home model (János Neumann Secondary School), Morse2Text app (Brainooo)