Event details

Demo Day is a biannual event showcasing the output of the KiBu Talent & Lift programs. It offers you to explore new tech-savvy ideas firsthand presented by our resident groups and individuals. Check out the outlet of ideas and beta test the innovation we've accomplished in the autumn term.

SaveSarah – a proprietary platform assisting disaster response teams to mobilize at a faster pace by sharing information

LetSee – enables blind users to gain visual information by providing audio feedback. The current prototype recognizes banknotes, and it will be an even more useful toolbox for the blind in the future

Nemundir – mobile app not only facilitates the gameplay, but also enables players to access the books whenever and wherever. 

Anime vs. Cartoon – with the use of deep learning and neural network finally you will be able to tell apart anime from cartoon

Replica – remote 3D collab

Training 2038 – interactive VR experience set up to engage everyday people in ethical dilemmas about algorithms and automation 

TiBot – Daily cartoon picked by AI

Atmo – console for augmented tabletop gaming

New Talent and Lift residents – find out what they plan to create!