Event details

The Day when KIBU opens its doors.
We would like to invite you to come and meet the projects that our teams have been working on for the last 6 months, meet our startup and talent teams, get to know the work of KIBU and become one of us for this evening.

It is for people..
Who have already been dreaming about creating something huge, but wasn’t courageous enough to start it, the unexperienced ones, who would like to meet new tricks, the curious ones, who like to marvel at new things, playful people and the talents of the future. It’s for anyone who knows KIBU and who’s never heard of it, who is familiar with the most innovative technologies and who isn’t, people who think, that Thursday is the new Friday – so Everyone!

And what is waiting for you?
Soccer played with your brain, new-generation of stress-level measuring, app for the full picture of your finances, playful way of learning languages, the winner hacks of the Smart Home hackathons, revolution of the studio recordings, market research tool for online companies. Delicious food, cold beer and everything that is needed for a cool night!

18:00 – Warm up
18:30-19:00 – Introduction of the Talent teams
19:00 – Announcing the new Talents
19-19:30 – Introduction of Startup teams
19:30 – Networking is on!