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In big cities the environment is surrounded by prolific information-overflow that influences our travel experience. What is also evident is the shift of attention towards the private digital space of the inhabitant’s smartphones. Audio-visual map is an experiment based on these facts, exploring an alternative audio-visual version of public spaces.

The KIBU Talent Gábor Pribék with the sound designer Lajos Kolozsvári developed a digital composition that interprets one of the main public spaces of Budapest (Liberty Square) as a musical score. The structure and units of the square are transformed into simplified 3D graphics, and a multilayered ambient music is designed for the specific locations in the area. Walking in the park generates a musical composition, an opposite of the linear playing of music associated with 3D visuals. This expands the original function of the space, transforming it into a digitalized audio-visual experience. 

The other version of the project is based on immersive virtual reality, which can be experienced through a head-mounted display, controller and headphones in a purely digital space based on the real enviroment.

Feel free to experience the exhibited virtual reality version and download the geolocation based version during the exhibition for your smartphone. Please don’t forget to bring headphones. 
Avaible on play store.