We are Kitchen Budapest.

Open Innovation Lab.

Kitchen Budapest was founded in 2007 by a collective of media artists, theoreticians and coders from miscellaneous backgrounds. As one of the first media labs in Hungary, KiBu found its primary mission to instigate digital literacy and DIY techniques on the local scene. Ever since, KiBu has been actively present as an internationally recognized innovation lab with young researchers and developers forming its team.

KiBu incorporates three functions including research and development (prototyping, testing, service design, UX/UI design), education (next generation programs) and industry collaboration.

Illustration of people working

We Connect

KiBu has taken up a strong intermediary role between several agencies, scenes and individuals. We connect corporate demands with creative supplies, theoretic bias of academic education with tools of the maker culture, talented young people with professional support, global innovation with situated, everyday use. KiBu has long been working within an international network of media labs and bears established contacts with the local universities integrating technical knowledge with creative skills.

Illustration of people working

We Create

KiBu is a place where ideas come alive. Material instantiations of great ideas are the first steps in the making: via 24 hour hackathons, pressure cooking sessions we try and test methodologies, concepts, objects, services. KiBu has a well-equipped workshop area to enable wide-ranging projects to be manufactured, programmed or constructed from 3D printers to strong server parks to run high fidelity renders. The prototypes are publicized at Demo Day, our biannual showcase event.

Our Team

The KiBu team is made up of an eclectic group of designers, coders, IT specialists, art historians, sociologists, business developers etc.

  • András Bari
    Managing Director
  • Adrián Lénárd
    Tech Lead
  • Ádám Bodnár
    App developer
  • Bence Hitér
    Software Developer
  • Ádám Franyó
    Machine learning engineer
  • dr Manuéla Lukács
    Operation manager
  • Sándor Makra
    Electrical engineer
  • András Purcl
    Graphic designer
  • Vencel Koczka
  • Mr. Gronki
    Office mood manager